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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

CBS and Slate to Call Race Early

NY Times

I agree with them. I called the first Bush 'victory' adter Gore lost his home state. I called Bushes second victory about when three states came ln in a row for Bush. The Electoral map is generally already known and electoral votes decide the presidency. Except for states where it is close, the outcome is not that hard to predict. On this case if McCain takes PA (he should not) then it'll be a harder call but I stand by my prediction made after Super Tuesday: This is Obama's race to lose.

The only spoiler here are the huge uncrease in turnout. This could cost votes on both sides but I think will 'hurt' Obama more. This is a prime example of why election day ought to either be a federal holiday or occur over a weekend. People ought not have to decide between their paycheck and the exercize of the franchise.

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