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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Continued Downward Spiral

Coming fast on the heels of the "Christian Leader" advertisement by Mike Huckabee, we find that the Texas top expert on science education, Christine Comer was fired for apparently promoting a speech by an anti-Intelligent Design supporter Barbara Forrest.:

Ms. Comer forwarded to a local online community an e-mail message from a pro-evolution group announcing a talk by Barbara Forrest, a professor of philosophy at Southeastern Louisiana University. Professor Forrest testified as an expert witness in a 2005 Dover, Pa., case that found intelligent design supernatural and theological and definitely not part of a scientific education.

An hour later, Ms. Comer was called in by superiors, pressured to send out a retraction and ultimately forced to resign. Her departure was instigated by a new deputy commissioner who had served as an adviser to George Bush when he was governor of Texas and more recently worked in the federal Department of Education.

It was especially disturbing that the agency accused Ms. Comer — by forwarding the e-mail message — of taking a position on “a subject on which the agency must remain neutral.” Surely the agency should not remain neutral on the central struggle between science and religion in the public schools. It should take a stand in favor of evolution as a central theory in modern biology. Texas’s own education standards require the teaching of evolution.

It is of little wonder why the US is fast dropping behind the rest of the world in regards to science education and technology.

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