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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Last August Garvey's Ghost warned it's readers that security focus on buildings and planes would do nothing to stop a determined terrorist. Garvey's Ghost also gave a scenario that sited random bombs going off during rush hour commutes. We specified bridges and car bombs. Behold. London is now reeling from apparent Al-Q bombings of it's subways and buses. As soon as this happened, as Garvey's Ghost prediicted there was massive drops in market values of various insurance and travel stocks as well as mass evacuations of certain buildings. This act, that involved no planes, targetted no buildings and involved no suicide bombers was already caused millions in dollars in property damage and perhaps hundreds of millions in lost "revenue" for various businesses.

As Garvey's Ghost has stated before, It is simply impossible to check each and every car or person, especially durng rush hours. The British people and indeed all countries involved in the Illegal war in Iraq should seriously reconsider thier actions and the consequences of thier rhetoric. The world now knows that there was always a plan to get into Iraq. The world knows that there were no WMD's. The world also knows that the Blair and Bush administrations knew of the legal ramifications of their actions but went ahead anyways. These politicians, who do not ride public transportation, put their citizens in harms way for thier own gain. Blair's attempt to deflect the real issue at hand by talking about the G8 summit addressing African Poverty, when it is largely the members of the G8 who are responsible for creating that poverty in the first place, is simply disingenious. I believe that this bomobing was in fact a response the the British people re-electing Mr Blair and the subsequent information that came out during the campaign for Prime Minister. That the G8 was meeting there at the same time was, in my view, a nice co-incidence. I think London, like Madrid "had it coming" for it's part in the Iraq war.

It remains to be seen what will occur in Denmark, which has been specifically mentioned by a unconfirmed "Al-Qaida" organization that claimed responsibility.

So as the title says, we've seen planes. We've sen trains. We've now seen automobiles. Unfortunatly the worst is still to come.

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