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Friday, October 01, 2004

What ?!!!! Me agree with Pat Buchanan?

Yesterday I wrote of my aggravation at some peoples writings, specifically those of so called "black conservatives" who seem to relish in being "one of the few" republican kneegrows in the party and seem to take what they are doing hook-line and sinker. They LUUUUUV Bush and recently 5 of them wrote an article on why we should vote for him.


I have told anyone that will listen that the current admin and perhaps much of the republican party is by no means "conservatives." At least not conservatives as i understood them to be: Low taxes, tight spending, carefull of conflict. While I never really bought the "careful on conflict" angle, the previous items are indeed hallmarks of any self resepcting conservative. I thought that once Bush exposed himself as something other than a real conservative his compatriots would have the sense to hang him out to dry. This hasn't happened, and not a few white (not black) conservatives have begun to get hip to this and speak on it. Enter Pat Buchanan.

I usually ignore Pat Buchanan, because, well, he doesn't have anything interesting to say. He especially likes to talk about the immigrants and the disintigration of the white Man's paradise in America by said immigrants. Today though, while still being shrill about immigration, Buchanan lands a one-two punch on the Bush admin, that any real conservative should pay attnetion to, including those so called "black conservatives."

With the guerrilla war, US prestige has plummeted. The hatred of President Bush is pandemic from Marrakesh to Mosul. Volunteers to fight the Americans have been trickling into Iraq from Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran. In the spring of this year revelations of the sadistic abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison sent US prestige sinking to its lowest levels ever in the Arab world. We may have ignited the war of civilisations that it was in our vital interest to avoid. Never has America been more resented and reviled in an Islamic world of one billion people.

At home, the budget surpluses of the 1990s have vanished as the cost of the Afghan and Iraq wars has soared beyond the projections of the most pessimistic of the President’s economic advisers. The US budget deficit is above 4 per cent of GDP. With a trade deficit in goods nearing 6 per cent of GDP, the dollar has lost a third of its value against the euro in three years. One in six manufacturing jobs has disappeared since President Bush took the oath. By mid-2004, the President had failed to abolish a single significant agency, programme or department of a Leviathan government that consumes a fifth of our economy. Nor had he vetoed a single Bill.

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