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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

In Light Of The Trump Raid

 Watch this:

Read this: 

 "As part of that shift in focus, in summer 2020 the government started planning to apply for search and seizure warrants against US Private Vaults and its owners. One of those warrants was to seize US Private Vaults’ business property, including the “nest,” a relatively worthless superstructure that held renters’ safe-deposit boxes. When the FBI applied for that seizure warrant in March 2021, its affidavit did not allege that the customers had done anything wrong, and both the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office swore that agents would merely “inventory” box renters’ property. They promised the warrant would “authorize the seizure of the nests of the boxes themselves, not their contents,” and that agents would pry “no further than necessary to determine ownership.”

But the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office failed to tell the judge that, months before, they and other government agencies had already formulated plans to use civil forfeiture against customers’ property. In fact, before the federal magistrate had even seen the warrant application, FBI officials had concluded they would use civil forfeiture against every asset in every customer’s box that was worth over $5,000. "

You see, people have been saying "if they can do that to a former president, then they can do it to you". But the real deal is that *because* they have been doing it to you (in the general sense) and gotten away with it, of course they can do it to a former president.

It all comes down to the fact that these people do not suffer personal consequences for these actions. Until that happens it will continue.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

CDC Erases History

 You're not supposed to notice this but the internet is forever.

Old CDC per archive link here:

"new" guidance per this link:

Totally removed the "the mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body.

We, as in The Ghost and others like MarketTicker, told you that the above statement was untrue. 

People got fired over this. People lost their livelihoods over this.

When do these people go to jail or get executed? 

It's not that they were wrong. People get things wrong all the time. It is that they actively used private companies and the power of the government (with a monopoly on legal violence) to force you to do something that had you been informed you *may* not have done or did not do.

This is their crime.

There need to be swift and public PERSONAL accountability for these crimes. It is not enough to hold the agency responsible. The people in it did it and THEY must be held to account or they will continue to abuse the power they should never have had.

I'm going to make another prediction as well. Based on information I've seen the line about "does not affect or interact with our DNA" is the next line to get nixed.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

I and Others Were Right

 On this blog, I made the argument, multiple times that COVID risk was dependent upon age and metabolic factors. I said multiple times that there were things you could eat and/or drink to help you if (and when) you got infected. I posted papers from long before COVID that showed how these items were effective against previous SARS as well as other viral diseases.

At my previous place of employment I posted this info for any and all my co-workers to read for themselves. I followed my own advice and refused to take the experimental mRNA product not only because I felt it wasn't effective but because given my particular life activities, I wasn't going to risk the known myocarditis, not to mention clots. I gave the people who would eventually fire me the CDC's own data on deaths and serious injury associated with the mRNA products and I was still fired because they were following the CDC and the governor of NJ.

And now here's the CDC:

What is added by this report?

To prevent medically significant COVID-19 illness and death, persons must understand their risk, take steps to protect themselves and others with vaccines, therapeutics, and nonpharmaceutical interventions when needed, receive testing and wear masks when exposed, receive testing if symptomatic, and isolate for ≥5 days if infected.

People need to understand "their risk" and "protect themselves"?

Exactly what I said should have been the case since 2020.

"COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against severe outcomes is lower in persons who are immunocompromised than in those who are not,"

Remember when they said that this shot was 100% effective? Remember when it was deemed "misinformation" to declare that these shots were not as effective as these people made it out to be?

" persons who are immunocompromised and have COVID-19 are at increased risk for intensive care unit admission and death while hospitalized, irrespective of their vaccination status"

Irrespective of what?

And the kicker:

"CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur, though they are generally mild (16), and persons who have had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection (17)."

You read that right. The CDC no longer differentiates based on a person's vaccination status.

I got fired from my job of 22 years and lost 6 figures in earned time for asserting this information over  a year ago.  I was right then, I'm right now and I'll never be compensated for the incredible  wrong done to me.


Not OK, Necessary



Wednesday, August 03, 2022

They Think They Own Your Children

 In one of my videos last year that was censored by YouTube (before my great departure) I had discussed the grooming going on in schools. One point I made was that these teachers (and admins) think they own your children. I also noted that in some states (if not the entire country) it is law that when you drop your child off to a school you relinquish custody to the child (as if you abandoned them) and the school and its agents have the right over the child until you pick them up.

While I understand the need to legally define the rules of custody in schools, I completely disagree with the law as I understood it and saw that it was ripe for abuse. Once the state can claim ownership of your child during the times they are in the school custody, then the state makes the rules for that child, not the parent. 

Lo and behold they bear their teeth:

"On April 25, 2022, the Linn-Mar School Board voted through policy 504.13 against the protestations of dozens of community members, while telling parents that such a change merely codified district practices that had been ongoing for the past five years. LMCSD’s “parental exclusion policy” asserts that the district will not disclose a student’s “transgender status” to parents unless that student specifically authorizes it, and that “any student in seventh grade or older will have priority of their support plan over their parent/guardian” – which means that in practice, these gender-identity decisions will be made solely by the student and school administrators."

Note that they had been doing this for the past five years.

Note that in an inversion of law, the minor gets to make the decision and the school administration usurps the rights of parents over their children.

The full press release can be seen here: 

A part of interest is this:

In addition, the policy asserts that “intentional and/or persistent refusal by staff or students to respect a student’s gender identity” – i.e. not using a student’s self-proclaimed pronouns or new name – can be punishable up to and including suspension and expulsion as violations of the district’s anti-bullying & anti-harassment policy, equal educational opportunity policy, and Title IX policy.

Note the use of Title IX and "policies" against bullying and harassment, being used to force speech (unconstitutional) upon students and staff. I've seen this in 'higher ed" and it is absolutely 100% prohibited compelled speech. Also, if you look at what SCOTUS recently ruled about agencies, it is likely theses "policies" have no actual legal effect and would fall to the wayside if seriously challenged.


Tuesday, August 02, 2022

I knew This Was Coming

 When EZ Pass came into being I predicted that the state would look at the time it took to go from entering a highway to whatever toll and calculate the average speed. If that speed exceeded the maximum speed limit on the road then the driver (or owner of the vehicle) would get a ticket in the mail. The logic behind it is clear:

If speeding in and of itself is a danger then everyone who is speeding ought to be "brought to justice" in order to make roads "safe". Previously with only human patrols available, you could only catch so many speeders. However, now with technology (including cameras) you can catch *every* speeder and collect on them. Hence making the roads "safer".

Who doesn't want "safer roads"?

 Think of the NJ Turnpike. The *average* speed is near 80mph. Which means *everybody* is speeding. How many millions of cars travel that highway (at least the portions in which you can do that speed)? How much is the fine?

 Do the math.

You don't think the states haven't been looking at that potential windfall?

Well here we go:

"Effective August 1, 2022, the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge carrying I-10 is now a “highway safety corridor,” per a recently signed law. As a “highway safety corridor,” the standard fine for speeding of $175 would double to $350 following a one-time warning. Subsequent speeding violations would result in $1000 fines.

Anyone who makes it across the 18 mile long bridge in under 18 minutes would been in violation of the 60 m.p.h. speed limit for passenger vehicles and the 55 m.p.h. speed limit for trucks."

Like I said.

Just like I told you about the NYC speed cameras that were original placed in school zones in order to "protect the children". Especially those children out at 10PM. Now they get to stay on 24/7/365 and revenue has nothing at all to do with it. Nothing. 

 I will say this though, their comment about trucks in the right lane is dead on. The solution is to fine trucks who are clearly in the right lane (when not passing) rather than speed. Same for passenger vehicles. If a passenger vehicle is caught blocking traffic in the right lane, fine them. It is these obstructions that are the causes of problems, not the speed at which the traffic is moving.

Monday, August 01, 2022

Garvey's Ghost TV 8-1-2022: Mind Jah Lick Dem



 Today we discuss the recent "religious exemption" win in Illinois as well as a BMJ paper on MonkeyPox.

Read the Garvey's Ghost blog at:

Thursday, July 28, 2022

They Are Stalinists

 It has always been the habit of rulers to disappear their enemies. There is a story of a pharaoh  who removed the name of a then unfavored "god". Stalin had people removed from pictures. Mao wanted to remove the "4 olds". In other times there were book burnings and the like. Whenever you see history being destroyed or changed, know that you are not dealing with "good" people.  A while back I came out against the removal of confederate statues and other historical items that had been deemed (and may have actually been) racist. I saw the danger in such a movement because I knew that the circle always grows and things that are safe at one time will soon become "unsafe".

During the COVID lockdowns, I made many posts where I later discovered the linked text had been changed or the entire article removed because it contradicted the "authorities". I took to making screenshots so that I would have the evidence. This behavior is growing and if "regular people" don't start speaking up about it, it will get worse. Latest example is wikipedia (again actually).

Wikipedia is not the only outlet acting as the propaganda arm of the Biden regime. And yes, I'm going to be using the term regime (as used in reference to other authoritarians) because it is clear to anyone with clear eyes what's going on.

 They "redefined vaccine from something that prevents a target disease to something that mitigates symptoms and you all let them get away with it.

They have been "redefining" Woman and y'all have been letting them get away with it.

They are allowing adults to groom children in schools YOU PAY FOR, and y'all haven't made a single one of them reside in a jail cell (at a minimum).

Now they are redefining "recession" simply to avoid having Biden look bad. 

This is why I do not watch any mainstream news media. None of them.