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Yeah, Mr. Smiley. Made it through the entire Trump presidency without being enslaved. Imagine that.

Monday, December 06, 2021

Official State CrackHouse but You Can't Go To The Gym

 So just in case any the fuck body thinks that these people are about health.

NYC has opened official state crack houses with NYC tax payer money.

But if you refuse to take an experimental biological product YOU can't go to the gym.

I got nothing else to say.

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Total "Vaccine" Narrative Collapse

 No, we're not going to talk about the blood clots,  heart problems and deaths. No, instead we go directly to the conceit behind the various mandates: Stopping the transmission. 

Many of us who have been looking at the data and knew of the past in regards to coronaviruses did not believe the claims of stopping the transmission. And since we were and are fair, we waited on data. Slowly but surely the data came out and even the government agents had to admit that the "vaccines" did not prevent transmission or infection. And yet and still governments around the world have been violating basic human rights in regards to deciding what they put in their bodies on this completely fraudulent premise.  Some countries going to the extent of creating camps for people who *may* have had contact with someone who popped up positive. Now we have total evidence that the 'vaccine your way out" argument is a total and utter fraud:

The money shot:

"The first person in Oslo confirmed as infected had attended the party, where at least one employee had just returned from South Africa. All the attendees were fully vaccinated and had tested negative before the event."

"Our working hypothesis is that at least half of the 120 participants were infected with the Omicron variant during the party. This makes this, for now, the largest Omicron outbreak outside South Africa."

"fully vaccinated". "120 people infected during the party."

Fortunately so far nobody has been hospitalized. I'm not a ghoul so I don't wish ill on any of them. Given that they are young and presumably in decent metabolic shape, they were ALWAYS expected to have either no symptoms or mild symptoms. It's been that way since the beginning.

So clearly the "stopping the spread" claim is NOT the real exit plan. In fact there IS NO EXIT PLAN.

The plan is as follows:

1) Shovel money to big pharma for no less than yearly "vaccinations" while shielding them from liability.

2) Get you to "consent" to digital tracking making a universal "papers please" a -la China Social Credit system. This will morph into a means for the state, via corporate entities to control your access to goods and services and hence control your behavior.

3) Long term killing off of dissenters while "training" the next generation to accept the "new normal" as "THE NORMAL" as they will know nothing else and will have the mentality of "what's the big deal with..."

Again, there is no exit plan. The ones at the top know. All they need is for the people below them to "do their jobs" whether they "know" or not. That's the things with grand 'conspiracies"; only a very few need to be in the know, the rest, useful idiots, only need to "do their jobs". This is playing out world wide. There will become a point where it is too late.

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Jim Cramer: Just Grow The Moustache And Quit Pretending

 So I don't watch Mr. Shouty. However; a clip of him came to my attention yesterday and though I resisted commenting on it, I decided he needed a dedicated post because he represents more people than you or I may think. So here's the clip via the Dan Bongino show (skip to minute 10 if it doesn't go there directly):

So let's go over why Cramer just needs to grow the mustache:

1) "Eisenhower would be aghast that we have "immunocompromised people" who are incubators  for every variant to come"

Firstly in regards to the latest variant, it was discovered in so-called 'fully vaccinated" people who had also taken a "booster".

Secondly, people who have not taken a shot are NOT immunocompromised. When someone is immunocompromised, it means their immune system does not work as designed. That you may fail to mount an effective immune response to a challenge does not mean you are compromised. You just drew the short straw which each and every one of us will do at some point.  There is growing evidence that persons who take one of the shots ARE in fact immunocompromised as it may be the case that their immune system no longer functions as designed hence the new infections. In stark contrast to those who have successfully fought off the infection. Those persons have been shown to be immune from currently known strains.

So right there Cramer is telling fantastically epic lies.

2) "Walking around lawfully unvaccinated. That's psychotic."

 Yeah sir. See we own our bodies and decide what will and will not be put into it. That right is protected from government infringement via the supreme document of the land. If you don't like it, grow the moustache and take a one-way flight to Germany.

3) "We have governors who want to be president by grandstanding on a foolish "states rights" issue"?

Yeah, that foolish and pesky constitution. I mean why would an elected head of [a] state defend and uphold that silly piece of paper?

4) "The right to get sick" 

Yes. You absolutely have the right to get sick. Whether you SHOULD try to is another argument altogether. But you absolutely have that right. 

5) "The right to get other people sick?"

Depends. You cannot purposely try to infect someone with a deadly disease or poison them and things like that. You CAN walk around minding your own business and if you happen to pass along an illness you have you aren't liable. It's considered the normal risk of living life. Prior to March 2020 that was widely understood. 

6) "Have the military run it"

Openly advocates for a police state. Grow the mustache sir.

7) "If you don't want to be vaccinated you better be ready to prove your conscientious objector status in court."

So first thing with this is that Cramer thinks that the people have the burden of proof here. No. The state has the burden of proof. They must prove that the measure they want to take that completely infringes on the property right of the individual is necessary. Of course when you are itching to grow the mustache, you already think the opposite.

Second, notice that he wants YOU to have the burden of financing a defense in front of the same state that wants to infringe on your rights.  No conflict of interest here. Of course that is why the founders put these "shall not be infringed" rights into the supreme legal document of the land. If you have the right then there is no need for a court case because no action can be taken against you. If an action against your right(s) has occurred then it is the STATE that is at fault.

8) Even then you need to help with the war effort by staying home until we finally beat this thing."

So Cramer is advocating for indefinite detention of citizens.

Grow the mustache.

Also, most sane scientists concede that SarsCOV-2 is endemic and is unlikely to go away. Ever. This is particularly true because it has non-human reservoirs in which it can incubate and mutate. I don't expect Cramer to understand these things. But you the reader should know this so that you can recognize this false argument when it is offered.

I'll say it again: One of the most profound things to have been revealed since March of 2020 is just how many people are good with dictatorships. Same people who think MLK and Rosa Parks are heroes are acting like the people who opposed them and they are too dumb to see it. 

As for Cramer, he revealed himself. Let those with ears hear and eyes see.

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Because The First Three Worked

 Times of Israel:

"Both of the doctors work at the hospital outside of Tel Aviv and one of them had recently returned from a conference in London. That doctor then came in close contact with their colleague, likely infecting them, Sheba said, noting that both had received three doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and were only experiencing mild symptoms."

Oh. And I'm glad it's 90+ percent of all cases since the beginning.

But then this:


Because clearly, the first three worked to "stop the spread".

As I pointed out in my last post. This is not about informing or "helping" you. This is propaganda and it is a bare naked power grab. They know it. They know you know it and they dare you to stop them.

Beware The "Command Language"

A while back (years) I had posts in which I discussed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This came back to mind as I listened to a podcast where the guest was discussing a "mentalist" game in which he asked the listeners to go through a step of "suggestions". He was discussing how at the end of the sequence most people came up with something like an "orange kangaroo in Denmark".

What he was demonstrating was that how the brain can be manipulated into thinking certain things simply by being pushed into a certain direction via input.  In today's society the elites have pushed mass mental manipulation to levels unknown to society. This has been enabled by social media and always on media streams to our mobile devices.

A study came out years ago that discussed how the simple "ding" notification from our devices increases heart rates and stress levels. And that was before the message was even seen. This is why I often turn off all notifications on my device.  For example, I was out running with my heart rate monitor and I had left notifications on and a message came through. I had a 10BPM increase in heart rate for the next 5 minutes or so. 

It's no secret here that after the 2016 election I basically turned off all "news programs" because I realized that they were not "news" outlets but propagandist. By June of 2020 anyone who hasn't come to that realization either likes the propaganda, makes the propaganda (profits off of it),  has been scared senseless from it and needs to recover OR is just that dumb.  

That was an epic run-on sentence no?

One of the things I noted over the years is the increasing use of "command language" in articles and e-mails. The latest to drop into my mail:

Now since I am aware of such "suggestions" my mental block immediately kicked in. That is, I [often] recognize "command language" when I see it and put my defenses up. If you haven't figured it out I'll point it out:

"What to know..."

The header should have said "what we know". When they write "what to know" then they are suggesting to you that whatever follows IS what is to be known. Anything else shall "not be known". 

Second: "Here'swhat you need to know."

Again, they are telling you that you have a need. Really? I need to know? Why do I "need" to know rather than "may want to know"?  By hooking "Here" with 'need to know", they are commanding that what follows is what you "need" to know and anything else is "not needed". 

This is reflective of the authoritarian streak that has permeated the left and through them, is imposing itself on the whole society. You see, thinking for yourself is dangerous to authorities. Authorities must tell people 'what they need to know" and "what they need to do" and "what they need to feel". Also for the people that accept this programming, it is easier precisely because you don't need to think.Why think when you are told "what to know".

Beware of these messages. Train your mind to recognize and reject them. And turn off notifications on your devices. Your adrenal glands will thank you for it.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Sure Brandon. Sure.

 I'm gonna leave this right here without further comment.

Right on Cue: The New Variant

 I'm  not going to waste your or my time on this. Anyone with w high enough IQ understands what's going on both politically and biologically.

Politically "variants" are the excuse to extend the 'emergency" which allows governments to indefinitely suspend your individual "inalienable rights" like deciding what will and will not go into your body. They need these variants as cover. Expect the new "omicron" variant to show up in court proceedings. That this variant showed up in "fully vaccinated" people won't matter because they will say that it was the "fault" of the "unvaccinated" as to why "omicron" shows up in the first place.

Biologically, anyone with a high enough IQ knew from early on that a virus that has a high transmission rate and a high mutation rate (facilitated by transmission) will be near impossible to 'vaccinate" against. Prime example being the "flu shots" which have to be "reformulated" every year for what the experts think will be the dominant strains. These shots sometimes have an effective rate in the 30% range. 

So we [who can see] knew the deal.  I wrote many times in this space that the best thing you can do is to find out if you are vitamin D deficient and correct that pronto. If you wasted the past year not getting your vitamin D levels addressed, that's your own fault. Secondly, we know that Zinc and Quercetin were good for prophylaxis and early treatment.  I provided links to the papers showing that they work and HOW they work. By this point you should have a stack of zinc and Quercetin, both available OTC, at the ready.

Lastly, a Spanish study showed that anti-histamines were effective in dealing with elderly patients in nursing homes. You should have some at the ready. 

The FLCCC recommends a mouth wash. If you don't do that, start now. Once in the AM and once in the PM before bed. If you're going out, take a hit before you go and then again as soon as you get back. The idea is to kill anything in your throat before it can move down into the lungs in large numbers. I'm partial to oil of oregano but it's strong and some people may not want to have that taste on their breath.

Lastly, it's wintertime. This means that you're indoors a lot. You should make sure to have good air filtration. I have one that runs  24-7. Been doing that for years. When I saw what was filtered out I was a believer. Also indoor humidity is very important. Dry nasal passages are a big reason for seasonal flues and COVID. I personally don't like to see below 40% but if you're below 30% you should look into a humidifier or keep water boiling on your stove to bring it up. Just remember that if it's TOO damn you run the risk of mold.

So don't fall for the fear campaign.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Ahmaud Part 8: The Verdict

 So the three men have been found guilty of felony murder. For those unfamiliar, felony murder is when during the commission of some crime a person or persons are killed.  Even if there was no intent to kill, the fact that you were committing some other crime, makes that homicide murder. This is significant because as I had been arguing, I did not see how they could be found guilty of murder because there would be the issue of intent. Since those guys claimed that they were trying to do a citizens arrest, it would be nigh impossible to prove criminal intent. So here I will explain why I both agree and disagree with the verdict.

Putting on my "if I'm the juror" hat (I've been there a few times), given what I know about the case, there were two major things that would support the jury's verdict. First is that evidence of Ahmaud using the "jogger" routine as cover for his known criminal behavior was NOT allowed in this trial. This is key. I have argued from the beginning that the "innocent jogger" claim was and is bogus. I stand by that. Why? Because I'm a runner. I know many runners and not a single one of them would EVER stop their run to trespass on someone's property (under construction or not) and look around. No not even, as some tried to claim, "to get water." 

I also know that people who engage in criminal behavior like that ALWAYS have a "cover" act. They don't just go up to their victim or target all obvious about their intentions. So to me, the whole "jogger" thing smelled of cover and that evidence of prior behavior underscored that. However; the jury did not get that information and couldn't presume it. Hence they could only consider that Ahmaud was in fact "just a jogger".

The second thing was that, as I understand it, the testimony was that the defendants not only didn't see the burglary or tresspas themselves, but that they didn't even know about it.  I've seen the diagram of the events as well as "non-sworn" testimony to the contrary and believed that even if they didn't actually see the alleged burglary or trespass but that they were told he was there or had just left. Which brings me to a common point I make here: People say things all the time but when they are under oath, the truth usually comes out. If the defendants did not see the events and had not been contacted about the events, then the jury could reasonably conclude that their going after and detaining Ahmaud was unlawful and the resulting death was a murder. 

Those same set of circumstances eliminates the self-defense claim made by the defense because it would be Ahmaud that was defending himself, even though he clearly grabbed the gun.

So based strictly on the rules of the court and the instructions given to the jury I cannot disagree with their conclusion. I don't think appeals will go far because both the evidence of the "jogger cover" and the "we were told he had just..." evidence would have to be considered. That would require someone to recant testimony. I don't see that happening.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Charlottesville and Waukesha

I saw the news of the red vehicle driving through a Christmas parade. Decided not to post about it though I had a good idea on the who and why.  To test my theory, I decided to wait 24 hours and see if it dropped out of my newsfeed. If it did, then I knew I was right about the "who" and the why would soon come out.
Sure enough, 12 hours later, my news feed lacked any mention of what appears to be a total hate crime and mass murder. Sure enough hours later, the "who" was verified and the why a high likelihood.

I'm not going to rehash my commentary on the [lack of] black leadership who are in part to blame for this incident. What I'm going to do instead is compare this to Charlottesville because this case will show the US population what kind of "justice system" we have (although the situation surrounding the Jan 6 people is bad enough).

So for those unfamiliar, there was a 'right wing" Unite The Right event in Va in which the police and state government totally failed in their duty to protect the attendee's first amendment right to peaceful assembly.
As a result, multiple skirmishes broke out between various parties. At some point a person named James Field ran his vehicle into a group of protestors which resulted in the death of one person
Avowed neo-Nazi James Fields Jr. was given a second sentence of life in prison for killing a woman and injuring dozens when he rammed his car into a group of people protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.
On Monday, Charlottesville Circuit Judge Richard Moore sentenced Fields to the life term plus 419 years and $480,000 in fines, in keeping with a jury's recommendation.

So note. guy runs his car into a crowd. One death. 419 years and $480k in fines.

Now, this guy in Waukesha has a history of anti-white statements (and apparently a self-confession of pimping out a minor). He ran into a crowd of people where at least 5 died and "dozens" injured.

If driving into a crowd in Charlottesville with one death merits 419 years. We should expect no less for this guy. In fact, by the Charlottesville logic, this guy should be up for 2100 years. Let's see what happens.