Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Since When Is Telling The Truth Racist or a Fireable Offense

If I were a Republican or tended to vote Republican the following would make Mr. Bush an immediate disqualified candidate. There is a thing called principles. And one principle that I believe a person who wants to run a country should have, is to back a person's free, non-libelous speech. Particularly when that speech is fact based.
But The Huffington Post subsequently reported that when he was a college radio host in 2008, Mr. Czahor compared rappers to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King, he said, “didn’t have his pants sagged to his ankles” and did not speak in “jibberish.”
Fuck what whoever at the Huffington Post thinks but a LOT of black folks hate and despise the sagging pants phenomenon and wish it would die a quick death. This is only controversial to people who are looking for bullshit to be upset about.
Mr. Czahor also said at the time that black parents needed to get their act together — although he used a stronger word than act — “as the majority of newborn black babies belong to single-parent households.”
Firstly, the currently sitting president has said the same thing
The speech was striking for its setting, and in how Mr. Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, directly addressed one of the most sensitive topics in the African-American community: whether absent fathers bore responsibility for some of the intractable problems afflicting black Americans. Mr. Obama noted that “more than half of all black children live in single-parent households,” a number that he said had doubled since his own childhood. [my underlines]
Why then is it OK for the sitting president to say it? Why is it OK for any number of academics (black or otherwise) but because this guy says it, it is controversial?

This is all bullshit. And the worst is that this guy is apologizing. Why? Why is everybody apologizing for speaking the truth? Why are people getting fired from their jobs for speaking the truth? Why doesn't Jeb Bush have the spine to stand up to these bullies and tell them to fuck off?

There is a serious problem with democracy when you cannot tell the truth or repeat a fact without risk of your livelihood. This is nonsense. Shame on Jeb Bush and anyone else involved in bowing to these bullies in the media.