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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Addicting Info: Total Idiots

Continuing to name names and shame the idiots dealing with Ferguson, Addicting Info is up next with their claim that Brown didn't steal anything. Here's AddictedInfo's "thinking"
From observation, it looks as if he had tried to buy more, but then was unable to afford it, hence why he left several packets on the counter. This prompted the store owner to come out from behind the counter and have a discussion with him, which prompted the shove witnessed in the full video.
Are you done laughing? Ok right.

Look. These idiots want you to believe that Brown wanted to buy more stuff but couldn't afford it. Left packets on the counter and was leaving and the manager, just for shits and giggles left his post to "talk" to Brown.

No seriously.

What store do YOU know of where the manager just comes around for shits and giggles to talk to you about shit you couldn't afford to buy.

Then AddictedInfo thinks that the reason the store owners didn't call the police was because there was no theft. Well maybe the customer who saw the shit go down called the police. Just because the store owner didn't call the police doesn't mean a theft didn't occur. For all we know the small Asian man could have been concerned about retaliation.

But you know what? All of that doesn't matter. Why? Because........drum roll:

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) - The friend who was with Michael Brown when he was shot and killed by a police officer near St. Louis over the weekend is reportedly confirming that he and Brown had taken part in the theft of cigars from a convenience store that day.

That word comes from the attorney for Dorian Johnson, speaking to MSNBC. Police in Ferguson had earlier announced that Brown was suspected of taking cigars from the convenience store in what was described as a "strong-arm robbery."

Well so much for the "he paid for his shit" theory.

The saddest thing about this non-report? They posted their "paid for" theory 40 minutes before the AP reported that Dorian confirmed Brown had robbed the store. You'd THINK that a website that claims to have "The knowledge you crave" would have posted an update correcting their erroneous theory. As of this writing there is no such thing.

I'm tired of all these misinformants, agenda pushing, crime excusing leeches on the black community. I'm naming names and calling em out.