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Friday, July 07, 2006

Can We Stop The Non-sense? Please?

So I'm over at CNN and read this "stuff":

YAOUNDE, Cameroon (Reuters) -- Worried that her daughters' budding breasts would expose them to the risk of sexual harassment and even rape, their mother Philomene Moungang started 'ironing' the girls' bosoms with a heated stone.

"I did it to my two girls when they were eight years old. I would take the grinding stone, heat it in the fire and press it hard on the breasts," Moungang said.

"They cried and said it was painful. But I explained that it was for their own good."

"Breast ironing" -- the use of hard or heated objects or other substances to try to stunt breast growth in girls -- is a traditional practice in West Africa, experts say.

A new survey has revealed it is shockingly widespread in Cameroon, where one in four teenagers are subjected to the traumatic process by relatives, often hoping to lessen their sexual attractiveness.

It would be pretty easy to ask the women to stop but it is not their fault for wanting to protect their daughters. This problem is caused by men. Period. The men of Africa need to wake up and grow up. I'm really getting tired of reading about the men of Africa abusing Africa and it's children and women. I'm tired of black men in Africa raping virgin girls because they think it will cure them of AIDS. I'm tired of black men in Africa finding any old excuse to put guns in the hands of black boys and teaching them to kill. I'm tired tired of black men forming "revolutionary" movements that consist mainly of buying guns blowing up shit and raping old women.

I'm tired y'all.

I'm tired of the bull.

-tired black man.


ronnie brown said...

sigh!...i'm tired too.

If the website "" had an African counterpart...that article would be on it...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I'm tired of white global press outless who have nothing to say about Africa other than that which degrades and demoralizes the people. Nothing but professional slander. Find vs loot anyone?

Minister Faust said...

Brother Sonjata, as usual, I love your postings.

Request, though--the narrow column format of the new version blog makes reading less efficient (for me, at least) because of all the scrolling. I realise some people probably love the scrolling, but I know that I've visited less often AFTER the new format, and that was my (originally subconscious) reason.

One vote for maintaining your high quality postings, and another for changing your format to wider columns.



sondjata said...

Ronnie: no doubt.
Minister: Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't noticed that the blog had literally blown up in size recently. I've changed some code to bring the blogposts sizes down which should increase readability.

sondjata said...

anonymous: let me ask a question:

Is it more objectionable that the white media, as expected finds the negative to report about Africa or is it more objectionable that the type of negative behavour goes on in the first place? I am in the latter camp as I only expect the "news" arm of White Supremacy to do this kind of reporting. However, i will not use that as an excuse for the behavior in question, whether it be "breast massaging" or "Female circumcision". I would also like to say that it is a problem that the black press, by and large does not report on these issues either.

On the other hand, here at the Ghost have a nice collection of links (in addition to our commentary) to people who highlight the "positive" developments in Africa and we encourage the readership to follow those links.

yona said...

rape and child sexual abuse is a huge problem in Africa, and should be fought on every level. Yet it is not the men who are ironing their daughters breasts, it is the women in the story, and they are sadists. they are as abusive as the man they want their daughter to run from. This is mutilation, pure and simple. They are torturing their daughters and claiming it is for their benefit? What nonsense. Five year old babies are being raped in South Africa. They don't have breasts. Should their mothers cut out their vaginas?

This is a problem of extreme ignorance and disensitization towards violence. Those women are abusing their children.

sondjata said...

I have to respectfully disagree. Yes it is the women who are doing the actual "massaging" but the motivation is the harassment and rape by men. Thus if the prime motive for "protecting" pubecent girls is removed then the practice should be easy to eradicate.