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Yeah, Mr. Smiley. Made it through the entire Trump presidency without being enslaved. Imagine that.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

It's All Relative I Suppose

 Vaers data for:

Flu Vaccines. All dates. Deaths. United States only:

From 1990 to present 1,163 reported deaths as an adverse reaction to all types of flu vaccines.

Deaths, Life Threatening and Permanent Paralysis:


6918 total. Since 1989.

COVID-19: All dates, Deaths, United States Only:


from 2001(?) to present (this writing): 5467.  5414 in 2021 alone. And it's only July.

Death, Life threatening and Permanent disability:

18,481. It's only July.

Anyone who says that these current COVID vaccines are anywhere as safe as flu vaccines is lying to your face.  

You make up your mind as to whether this profile is "safe" considering your risk profile.

On a side note, If we divide the deaths since January 2021, 5414 and divide it by 7 (for months elapsed) that's 773 a month. That would mean that compared to some states, the vaccine killed more people than the virus did since data started being collected in March 2020.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Winners Never Quit

 This is simultaneously about Simone Biles and not about Simone Biles. I'm not an elite level athlete with big money endorsements and people hanging their dreams on me. I don't know that life or that life's pressure. I do better than most in my chosen athletic endeavors but I'm not at that level and so I I will refrain from bashing on her too much. Besides, Biles, and Osaka are really a symptom of a larger problem with America. It is no longer a country of winners.

One of my favorite movies is Apollo 13 featuring Tom Hanks. If I'm flipping channels and I see that movie on, I stop and let it play out. Clearly I know what's going to happen but that's not the point. For me Apollo 13 is a throw back to an America that wasn't a whiny ass bitch complaining about shit. It shows a time when men were men and under extreme pressure, GOT SHIT DONE.

The ability to perform under pressure is not something all of us have. It is a rare gift that if you have it,  you are likely to go on to do great things. If you don't have it, you are lucky to have such a person on your team. 

Apollo 13 showed men who undertook their jobs with the utmost seriousness. Lives were on the line. Fuck sleep. We're going to get the sequence to get the computer up or die trying. We will do it again and again until we get it.

Onboard the crippled ship. We are going to keep our wits about us and remain calm even though our oxygen is running out. Even though if we don't angle this ship right, without the aide of the computer we will either bounce off the atmosphere or be on a completely wrong angle that causes us to burn to a crisp. Assuming we don't simply explode.

That's pressure.

Another thing, for me, is that when I mentally complain that I have to run these 10 miles and it's hot or cold or whatever. I reflect on my ancestors and tell myself that a 10 mile run is not hard. Weeks in the hold of a slave ship is hard. Working from can't see to can't see in the southern heat is hard.

I think of Denmark Vessey (Telemaque) and I think of the strong constitution it took to plan a slave rebellion knowing full well that to be caught was to face certain and probable cruel death. And yet he and his compatriots did it anyway.

I think of the run away slaves I read about in the "Carolina room" when I was researching on Denmark Vesey and seeing all the reports of runaway slaves who braved the marshes to be free. Again, knowing full well that to be caught would result in a minimum "serious" punishment and likely death. 

And still they went.

Is Olympic gymnastics that important?  No. But still, these are the people who came before you. They didn't quit. All we asked you to do, that you volunteered to do, was represent the country to the best of your ability for a few days. That was apparently asking too much.

Apparently she didn't want to injure herself. 

Someone should have told her about the crash during the bike race. When you're the champ and competing at the top level of the sport, injury and the risk of it comes with the territory. 

When I was growing up ABC, the tv station, had a sports program which featured the phrase: 

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

And it featured a montage of athletes enduring epic fails that surely resulted in [great] bodily injury. 

We used to understand that the game came with risks.

Now we hide in our houses. Put on face masks and allow people to inject untested shit into our bodies so we can "feel safe".

America is now a nation of quitters with low expectations.

Black people aren't in the selective high schools because they don't do well on the entrance exams? Instead of telling them to buckle down and study, we tell them that the problem is the tests and move to scrap the tests.

Black students not behaving in school and hence getting suspended? Instead of insisting on high standards of behaviors, no, we'll just allow them to be disruptive, Don't wan't them to feel inferior.

Black males committing crimes at alarming rates that are [many] multiples of other groups? Don't insist on better behavior and accountability. Decriminalize this that and the other.

I could go on but for those who have eyes to see, they know what I speak on. 

So no. Biles' actions is not really an individual thing. It is a product of a larger problem that is a cancer eating at America. Personally, I think it's terminal.  Hopefully I'm wrong.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The "Vaccinated" Are Super Spreaders

 You know this entire COVID response has been an utter circus since March 2020. We have total clowns running the show who enjoy the undeserved power given to them. They told you to wear masks that DO NOT WORK. They shut down your children's schools even though COVID is by far a lesser risk than the flu. They shut down your jobs and your life and told you to stay indoors for months on end.

They accused anyone who objected as conspiracy theorists who were "anti-vaccine" and anti-science.

They told you the vaccine was your ticket out because it would be more effective than a mask.

We, free minded people knew that was likely to be not true. We have been called all manner of vile things and many of us have lost jobs or will soon lose their jobs because WE KNOW the facts.

Now this:

"According to the new science, she said, fully vaccinated people with breakthrough infections from the delta variant have a similar viral load to infections in unvaccinated people. That means the fully vaccinated are more likely to spread the virus with the delta variant than the original coronavirus. "
Remember when CNN and the "experts" said that unvaccinated people were "variant factories"?

I called them out on that xenophobic bullshit on the spot.

And now the experts, just about 3 months later are telling the truth that we skeptics SAID WAS THE CASE:

Vaccinated people, get infected and can transmit and therefore any attempts at coercing people to get vaccinated on the claims that it "stops the spread" is total and utter bullshit.

And what's worse, is that IF the vaccine actually suppresses symptoms, then vaccinated people are walking around transmitting and have no symptoms where an unvaccinated person would likely have developed symptoms and removed themselves from the public.  it may be the case that vaccinated people present a far greater danger to those who are most at risk than those who are not. That would be ironic wouldn't it?

No more of this bullshit from the CDC and others. No more telling us where we can go and what we can do. No more telling us what to put on or in our bodies. It's past time to shut these people down.

COVID is here. It will be here and you all better get used to it. You don't want to end up in the hospital? Then get a hold of your metabolic syndrome if you are overweight and/or diabetic. If you don't have those issues, get yourself on a regular regimen of vit D3, Zinc and Quercetin.

If you have cancer or some other issue that leaves you immunocompromised, though I feel for you, we're not shutting society down for you. Life dealt you a rough hand. Life may yet deal me a rough hand too. I'm not exempt and all of us are going to exit one way or the other. Time to come to grips with that and deal.

Enough of the medical tyranny. 


Monday, July 26, 2021

The New Segregationists

 Long time readers of the blog (thank you) know that I have been using the term "Left Crow" for a few years now. It is a play on the term "Jim Crow" which were rules and regulations (not always laws) that were used to keep blacks in America "in their place". I use this term because when viewing the acts and ideas coming out of the popular left, it resembles quite closely, that of the Jim Crow era. All you have to do is strip the racial aspect of it.  Well no, to be clear a lot of it IS racial in that whites are often the target of the discrimination rather than blacks. This is deemed "OK" because it is done on behalf of blacks who, strangely, lack the agency to do things for themselves. Like they are inferior or something.

Well the COVID era has moved Left Crowism even further into segregationalism.Whereas the segregation in Left Crowism was previouisly confined to "safe spaces" and the like, mostly on college campuses, the rise of the Vaccine Religion has caused it to break out into the wider American public. The Vaccine Religion is that one must "believe" in all vaccines, at all times, or you are a "sinner" in need of punishment. There is no space for nuance such as "I'm good with the polio vaccine (second not first), but I'll wait (or pass) on this COVID one until I see more data."

No, it's either full compliance or ostracism. Or segregation. 

If you've read anything online you'll see that across the "western world" more and more "leaders" are calling for the unvaccinated to be barred from restaurants and other places. Various medical organizations who claim to represent their members but actually do not and don't know it because many of their members are afraid to speak up, are calling for the same. While I can understand such mentalities in places like England where people are "royal subjects", the appearance of this mentality in America is, well, unfortunate to say the least.

One of things about the American republic is that it was founded on the principle that each person was free, that is not the subject of royalty, papacy or government; and the government had limited power. It's not only in the founding document but also in the Declaration of Independence. Now as a supporter of the Juneteenth holiday, I have pointed out that it marks a significant milestone in rectifying the issue of black people being the property of others rather than being free, as defined previously, like everybody else. The important thing being that no American is the property of any other person OR the government. Furthermore; they can only be property of the state (in a limited sense) as a punishment for crimes.

Your body is your property and nobody can force you to do something to it or with it. This is not a government given right. This is intrinsic to your existence (AKA: God given). All transactions with your body, be it medical, labour, etc, must happen with your consent. Period. This is also the basis of Roe v Wade. Whether you agree with abortion or not is not the subject for today. The point here is that the court "affirmed" that the state did not have rights to tell sovereign people (adults, not minors) whether they can have a "medical procedure" even if that procedure results in death of another life. Why? Because your body is your property and you choose what is done with it.

The only compulsory vaccinations we have in America are for children. The reasons for this are clear:

1) Children, particularly infants and toddlers cannot make decisions about vaccines or anything else for that matter. Parents, as the persons legally responsible for those children are charged with making these decisions.  Those same parents are under obligation to care for the child should that child suffer a life long disability due to the decisions the parents make for them.

2) Any sane civilization protects it's future. Many of the vaccines given at childhood are for diseases that have high fatality rates in children. Some, like polio, when it doesn't kill can cause serious physical disabilities for life. 

Where adults are told to get vaccinations it is when they travel to other countries. Largely this is for their own protection against diseases that are NOT endemic to where they come from. If I was going to Ghana you would not have to coerce me to get a malaria shot. Or Dengue fever. Or River blindness shots. Line 'em up, roll up my sleeve or drop my pants and lets get to jabbing.

Covid is now endemic world wide. It is zoonotic (can infect animals and make the jump between them and humans) and therefore cannot be eradicated. Period. Hence travel bans and segregation will do nothing to help. Intelligent people know this. Some of these intelligent people have ulterior motives. Which brings me back to the segregation angle.

I believe that a large reason why segregation in America was done was the widespread fear of black people. I'm not getting into the validity of these fears. Just saying that it existed.  A second reason for it was the sense of superiority it gave and re-enforced in the people who benefited from segregation. They believed themselves to be morally, intellectually and ultimately more human than the people they excluded and forced into inferior conditions. In other words, they got off on their superior position.

Witness the rage in the pictures of the black students who "integrated" a school in Little Rock. 


Exactly what threat did these students pose to the white students? None. And yet when you see the pictures of the crowd, they are in a full rage.  The "mandatory vaccine" crowd is not much different. 

They want to make it so you cannot work. They want to make it so that you cannot go on public transport (which your taxes went to pay for). They are out in the open about making life 'very difficult" for people who are unvaccinated.

And they believe they are morally superior and so there is nothing wrong with their position. Just like the segregationists were.  Keep the negroes out until they are civilized. 

Keep the unvaxxed out until they are "civilized".

Meanwhile "vaccinated" people keep getting infected and infecting others such as this latest example:



Rational people without ulterior motives would look at this and scrap any kind of "vaccine mandate" because it would be clear that they "do not work" in reference to infection and transmission.

"Dr. Janet Whelan, a member of the Provincetown Board of Health, confirmed that the vaccinated could be spreading the Coronavirus: “The most interesting thing to me about this cluster of cases is so many of the people infected were vaccinated, which sort of means that a lot of the people that are vaccinated who are exposed to it may feel safe, but may also transmit it to others.”  ABC News however dismissed the spread as being “not a major concern”."

"May also transmit it to others"? I'd drop the "may" part.

Now in the face of overwhelming evidence that vaccination prevents neither infection or transmission, what do these people do?

Officials in Cape Cod’s Provincetown has issued a new mask rule for all the unvaccinated, including children under the age of 12. Unvaccinated people will be required to wear masks both outdoors in crowded areas as well as in all public indoor spaces, despite the fact that vaccinated people make up most of the active cases in the town.

Mask rule? Firstly we were told that vaccines were the exit from masks. If the vaccine is NOT an exit from masks then WTF? And since masks didn't stop anything (for reasons of simple physics), then why do more of things that didn't and don't work?

For a lot of these people, they are in a bubble where they have no one, at least no one they respect. to challenge their thinking. I remember when I had such ideologies. For example, I thought that black people committed no more crime than whites and that the difference was due to racist policing and courts. No one I associated with challenged this assumption and therefore I had no reason to think I was wrong. I even spent a lengthy blog post on the subject thinking I was debunking someone else's write up on the matter. Got a lot of "fan mail" about my "takedown". 

I then stepped out of my bubble, and did that pesky thing called research and found that lo and behold, black Americans commit far more violent crime, particularly in cities than every other group of people.

The thing I thought was racist was true. Since I'm a principled person I stopped writing up misinformation and updated the original post (left it up tho). 

So you must have people who are willing to look at the data and get to conclusions and accept them regardless of how they may feel about it. Clearly masks are NOT the solution. Why the mandates when this is known?

Secondly, since vaccinated people are clearly transmitting, why are they exempt from the silly mask rule?

Because these people are the new segregationists. They now have a group they can discriminate against that they can identify, and they are doing so. The unvaccinated are the new "ni**ers" of America.

 I would think that black leaders (ha!) would be at the forefront of resistance to this neo-segregation movement. We only have to look at our history and what happens when a people lose rights over their bodies. When some citizens have their rights of free movement and association restricted by law, black leaders should be the first to say "not on my watch".

It is time for the public to stand up against these neo-segregationists. Whether you are vaccinated or not. It doesn't matter. A government who can violate your property rights over your body *has no limits*. The ex-slave knows this. The window of opportunity is closing very quickly.  Even if you agree with such a mandate because it comes from people you "trust' and agree with, Are you prepared to accept future mandates if it is from someone you don't? If not there is only one answer to the neo-segregationist: 

Not on my watch.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

COVID Zero: Sweden

 I'm not on the "Zero-COVID" train. I believe the virus is and will be endemic. That said, there are a lot of people out there with a belief in Covid-Zero and think that *forcing* people to wear masks, to lock down cities and countries and to force experimental vaccines on people is how you get there. 

Behold a pale horse I mean Sweden.

7 day moving average deaths: 0


No mask mandates, late implemented limited lock downs in some places. Everybody was in Sweden's ass about how irresponsible they were being.

As Kook Moe Dee said : How ya like me now?

Now i'm not saying they cannot have a resurgence. This is a seasonal virus and they have had a close to zero death rate before (last summer). So this underscores that what we are seeing in the US and elsewhere is not about "science" but about control.

Friday, July 23, 2021

The Shifted Narrative

 WEF agents, I mean "government agents" are now pushing the narrative that "unvaccinated people" are to "blame" for the spread of COVID, particularly the "Delta variant".  In addition they are claiming that the vaccines makes COVID "like the flu bro". In March of 2020, if you said that you were in denial and "anti-science".

To this last point I would refer you to Worldometers. 

See that Active Cases block? See that "in mild condition" part? Yeah. it's been at that percentage since the beginning.  For most people COVID is at worst like a bad flu (I've had a bad flu, it's not fun. At times you probably wish it would all just be overwith. Then you recover). For the majority of people it is not much of a deal at all.

This was known before any vaccine was put into any arms. Hence the entire "vaccines make it like the flu" narrative is false on it's face. It has always been so.

What *may* be the case is that for that .6% who have severe cases, that the vaccine prevents that from becoming "dead" or that it keeps them out of severe cases. If so, then that is an argument for those who are most susceptible (elderly, comorbid) to seriously consider taking one of the shots.

So having demolished this "vaccines make it like the flu" argument lets go back to the unvaxxed are the problem.

75% you say?

So, people were given the impression that vaccines prevented infection. Yes, they believed that. This is the second (or maybe third) post I have made that shows definitively that the people were lied to. these shots do NOT, in any way, shape or form prevent infection OR TRANSMISSION.

Now the narrative is that unvaccinated people are the majority of  or all of hospitalizations. The set up being that vaccination status determines hospitalization. It does not and never has. 

Of Singapore's 1,096 locally transmitted infections in the last 28 days, 484, or about 44%, were in fully vaccinated people, while 30% were partially vaccinated and just over 25% were unvaccinated, Thursday's data showed.

So 1096 'cases" roughly 250 were unvaccinated. 25% of 1000. Another 300 were partially vaccinated. That's ~550 people who were not "fully vaccinated".

While seven cases of serious illness required oxygen, and another was in critical condition in intensive care, none of the eight had been fully vaccinated, the health ministry said.

8 of the 550 had a severe enough case to require oxygen and/or intensive care. That's ~1.1% of the total. Meaning of the ~550 people, 98.9% had "mild or no symptoms".

Hello? Is anyone home?

""There is continuing evidence that vaccination helps to prevent serious disease when one gets infected," the ministry said, adding that all the fully vaccinated and infected people had shown no symptoms, or only mild ones."

Hello? Anybody home upstairs? 98.9% of the "not fully vaccinated" had either no symptoms or "mild ones' per your own data.

""We've got to accept that all of us will have to have some restrictions, vaccinated or not vaccinated," said Peter Collignon, an infectious diseases physician and microbiologist at Canberra Hospital in the Australian capital."

No. No we do not have to accept this. 

That is what they want. THAT is the "end game". They want to control the population in a way that they could not prior to March 2020. This is why these provably false narratives are being pushed on a generally innumerate population while rampant censorship is being done by the WEF agents.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Natural Infection vs. Vaccine



Paper referenced from here:

Note it is a preprint and may be retracted.

In summary: Vaccine only looks for spike protein S1. Infection-derived immunity recognizes more of the virus and therefore offers better [current] protection against variants.

I have long argued that the current vaccine regime is faulty in that it doesn't use dead or "crippled" viruses to induce immunity. 

Fauci Lying Through His Lips

 You know the old phrase "lying through your teeth". Well, Fauci is lying and it involves his entire mouth.

Let's be clear: Back in 2013 The Ghost told y'all about the "gain of function" experiments going on in China. Sure it was flu strains, but if you think it was limited to that, well, you're stupid.

Now Rand Paul has shown, with definitive proof that such research was going on and that research was being funded by the NIH (via your tax dollars if you are a US resident) even though such research was not supposed to be funded by US government agencies.

I am under no illusion that Fauci will be held to account. Nor anybody else, because the criminal activities of various government agencies and agents since 2016 (really before that but that's another post) have yet to be punished.

Fauci should have been cuffed on the spot and taken into custody to wait for his trial. All the probable cause is present and a reasonable case can be made to a jury. 

I'm sure a lot of people are wondering why I have so many COVID posts. The reason is that there is a lot of criminal activity from various government and private entities going on under the guise of the pandemic. This descent into medical tyranny needs to end. I don't think enough of the US public truly understands the threat of this. It seems the people of France are waking up to this but too many people in the US are dead asleep.