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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The Growing Threat of "White Supremacy"

White Supremacy is indeed growing and a threat to America. This is beyond doubt. If anything has shown us that this is the case, it is the recent shootings. Indeed we must do what we can to deal with this growing problem of "White Supremacy". What exactly is the threat of "White Supremacy"? Well, it is its use by certain groups to dismiss and censor legitimate political, religious and other differences among people. The term "white supremacy" used to mean specifically people who think that white people are [to be] supreme over any and everyone else. What we find today is that it is used to describe all manner of things that are not white supremacy whatsoever. Let us examine:

1) Restricting immigration. Apparently wishing to restrict immigration is white supremacy. Not only in America, arguably a country that was founded by an immigrant (as in came from elsewhere) population, but also to the native lands of Europeans. Sticking with America, there was a time when almost all immigration was stopped. The reasoning being that there was such a high population of [European] immigrants in America, that the country risked being fractionalized as these growing populations held onto the habits and thinking of their mother countries. Hence to "Americanize" these populations, they were cut off from new supplies and forced to become Americans. Current America is in a similar situation. Large areas of the country are very much not America. English is a subordinate language and indeed in some places, completely unnecessary to conduct business, be it private or government.

But even if one disagreed with restricting legal immigration. The idea that one is a "white supremacist" if one opposes trespassing, which is what illegal entry is a total misuse of the term. Nobody likes or agrees with trespassing. This is why we lock our doors. This is why we reserve the right to say who can enter (and stay) in our places of living. Illegal entry is illegal entry. Prettying it up with "undocumented this" and "asylum" the other is just that. Prettying up an act that simply would not be tolerated if it happened on your private property. So again, if opposing illegal entry into the US is "white supremacy" then Barbara Jordan is a white supremacist.

Another reason to restrict immigration is the impact on jobs. Any person with an above room temperature IQ should know that if you increase the pool of labour, you depress the prevailing wages for that labour. Illegal immigration AND legal immigration depresses wages for the entire market.

Lastly, immigration, particularly from "developing nations" strips them of intellectual capital that could be used to build that nation. The US literally strips doctors from countries that now depend on organizations such as "doctors without borders" to do basic medical treatment. How do people who are so concerned with "White supremacy" square their immigration stands with the strip mining of "POC" intellectuals? 2) Opposition to handing out public benefits to illegal aliens. This is what we call "theft of services". To claim that it is "white supremacist". Nonsense. Citizens and legal alien residents pay taxes (property etc.) to not only fund current services as well as future services. Future services are based on extrapolations of what the populations will be. If millions more people are in the area that were not budgeted for, then services are strained. Citizens should not be subject to such things. This is not "white supremacy" this is respect for the taxpayer. 3) Opposition to illegal alien crime. This is another thing that is called "white supremacist". Certain parties will claim that crime among illegal aliens is lower than that of citizens. First of all that is not entirely true. The rate of crime in America is racially stratified with African-Americans committing far more than their demographics would predict if all things were equal. If AA crime were eliminated in total, American crime rates would be at or below European levels.

But even if it was not. No citizen or legal resident alien should be threatened by any person who should not be here. Every person killed or otherwise harmed by an illegal alien is a preventable event. Whether it be 1 or 1 million. None of it should occur. It is the job of government to keep its citizens safe (within reason), particularly from foreign nationals. This shouldn't even be up for discussion. 4) Opposition to the Tranny BS. This is considered "white supremacy" because it re-enforces "The patriarchy" and "binary definitions" which are supposed hallmarks of "white supremacy". We are told that we should allow children to "transition" to whatever they think they are because....because. We are supposed to be OK with children being put on display at gay bars and so-called "pride" events. We have moved from "the government should leave consenting adults to do whatever it is they want to do in the privacy of their own homes" to "the government should punish whoever objects to what I do in private AND in public and does not recognize that I think I'm a [choose] today."

John Derbyshire mentioned the Chinese proverb of the emperor who presented his court with a deer and said it was a horse. It is an apt story which I'm probably butchering but go along with me. In the story, this emperor wanted to know which of his courtiers would go along with him. So when he presented the deer as a horse, his various courtiers either said the horse was in fact a deer (in other words were committed to telling the truth). Others remained silent. Some said that the deer was a horse (whatever the emperor said is good enough for me!). The emperor had all the people who correctly identified the deer killed.

This is where we are. Those who dare speak the absolute truth or at least give reasonable arguments are being set upon by people drunk with ever-accumulating power. The "white supremacy" smear is just one of the tools. 5) Upholding freedom of speech. This too is now "white supremacy". The very concept that got African-Americans out of slavery, out from under Jim Crow, etc. is now scorned by the very people that benefited from it. Since "speech" can be used to "harm" those whom it may be directed or about, it should be policed and punished. Never mind that there is no "harm". What actually exists are people who think they are 'entitled" to be liked and accepted by everyone. There is no such right. If I don't care for Joe or Joe's behavior then I don't care for Joe or Joe's behavior. Joe cannot force me to like Joe or Joe's behavior and the state has no right to punish me for not liking Joe or Joe's behavior or for stating that I don't like Joe, Joe's behavior or anyone who engages in the same behavior as Joe. And Joe has to deal with it.

By attacking freedom of speech as "white supremacist", those engaging in the smear are essentially asserting their power over the population. Because the attack on speech is not an attack on speech. It is the legitimizing and delegitimizing ideas. Not only can YOU not speak but you also cannot "LISTEN" to counter arguments because those arguments have been deemed "beyond the pale". This is the essence of the ubiquitous "white supremacy" squeals from various persons. They are telling you what to think...or else.

So yes we have a "white supremacy" problem. How about we address it.